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If you are looking for a responsive, dynamic website with a friendly dashboard, our web development team will do just that. We create WordPress websites, E-commerce websites, web apps, and more!

The Digital era definitely calls for responsive design on all screens. With various types of smart devices, having a responsive design has become a basic factor in every brand’s online presence.

Dynamic and interactive websites are a competitive advantage nowadays. All the websites we build also come with a user-friendly dashboard that allows content editing around the clock!

E-Commerce websites are our area of expertise. Turn your business into an online store with us and turn your startup project into a sustainable one.

Nobody likes a slow website. We make sure your website’s speed and performance is optimal for a better user experience.

Next-generation app.


Got an idea for a cool mobile app that could change lives? Our mobile app development team will deliver. We build IOS applications and Android applications. We also make sure your app is approved on app stores.

IOS Mobile Application

If you’re targeting Apple users then an IOS mobile application is the right choice. Your application will be available on the App Store for users to access them through iPhones and iPads.

Android Mobile Application

With Android mobile applications, you will be able to reach more users. Android devices are more available around the world but it all comes down to your company’s target market.

Mobile Application Testing and Publishing

Our team of experts tests and publishes your mobile application on app stores. The testing process ensures your application is free of bugs.


Our skilled team of designers gives your brand a digital makeover.
Starting with a logo design, then proceeding to a brand book and company profile design. For on-ground campaigns, they will create your roll up banner design, sign designs, and menus. They also create pretty cool PR campaign packaging designs, stationery designs, and more!

Every brand needs a brand book, it contains the brand’s history, vision, identity, and key values. A brand book guides brand users on how to use the logo, tagline, typography styles, and color palettes. It also provides social media visual applications, design layout, grids, and more!

We manage all social media platforms to ensure a high level of engagement and customer satisfaction. Our team tracks and analyzes social media insights to proceed with action using best social media practices.

The technology in this dynamic digital era has influenced the development of graphic designs. Serving as a timeless tool that broadcasts your brand online and on-ground leaving an unforgettable impact on your target audience.

Next-generation design.


The UI/UX team will take all your technical requirements into a website design, or a mobile app design. Optimal user experience is what they strive for.

User Experience Prototyping

Wireframes show the stages a user will go through while using your mobile app or website. we tailor them based on the identity and the functionality of your business and brand.

Mobile App Design

Our UI/UX team excels at creating appealing user interface for mobile applications. Your app will certainly not be shy of illustration and impressive animation to serve the business goals.

Web Design

Your website’s visitors interests will spark with our creative user interface designs. We also ensure that your brand identity shows with every click of the way.


Whether it is food photography, product photography or event coverage. Our photography team has got your back. As for videography team, they excel at motion graphics videos, advertisement videos, and social media videos.

We take care of all the stages of video production for your ad campaigns. first of all, we manage the cast, location and all the equipment needed within any budget. We then proceed with the shooting and we edit, color grade and deliver your video on time

Our motion graphics team will certainly animate any illustration your brand desires. Whether it be a product, cool pop up art, or anything that needs to be moved, we got it.

The process of capturing a photograph that speaks a thousand words takes skill. From highlighting product features in product photography, to enticing senses in food photography, a visual message for all audiences to understand and relate to.


Have you got a social media page striving for success? Our super creative social media team has got what it takes. They will help you deliver a message through social media plans that take you to your KPIs.

We create content for social media campaigns to drive brand engagement with the target audience. We also create an editorial calendar with content that serves all important occasions all year round.

We manage all social media platforms to ensure a high level of engagement and customer satisfaction. Our team tracks and analyzes social media insights to proceed with action using best social media practices.

Our team goes above and beyond to engaging your audience with interactive stories. We provide social media coverage through Instagram, Facebook and live coverage for your brand.

Content created across all platforms carries a compelling copy to persuade the audience to take action. Our copywriting skills put your brand’s purpose and tone in content that sells your product effortlessly.


Selecting the right mix of media platforms for your brand to place ads could be tricky. Our media buying team achieves your campaign’s goals to reach your target audience.

Our digital media buying team researches your brand’s target audience from A to Z. We identify and analyze consumer behavior to come up with the target audience that best serves your brand.

We recommend ad budgets to maximize your revenue. Our team conducts A/B testing to ensure you are reaching the right target audience for your brand.

Optimizing content for all campaigns makes content more useful and actionable to users. We ensure that the content is optimized with the goal to perform and rank better on search engines.

At The App Concept, we plan strategies under brand business goals and market potential. We use all available tools such as market research, SMART objectives, digital media mix format and more!

A/B testing our ad campaigns and analyzing with several tools help better the process of ad placements, bidding, content relevance, and optimization.