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We’re made to make you grow

Your business is your brand. Our goal is to give small businesses the tools to act and look like big businesses. We get you started and guide you through – so all you need is the will to grow big, And let us work with you to grow your business.

mission vision
our values


To be a leading player in the field of Digital Advertising by providing world-class services. Thus become a trusted partner for our clients and build a strong, long-term relationship to lead all parties to succeed.


We aim to provide top-notch products that are simple to use.
We develop branding design and deliver masterful creative solutions that meet our clients’ needs and help them reach their business goals.

United minds and team collaboration

Every member of Finity Leap is a great player with awesome skills and passion for their work. However, in a team, we unite outstanding minds into the unique harmonized organism that grows and develops. Personally we can do a lot but in a team we can do more.


  • United minds is … getting our brains and skills together to solve a complicated issue.
  • United minds is … working on the achievement of common desired result – OnTime Delivery, Well-estimated working hours and the Highest Client Happiness.
  • Team collaboration is … leaving comments in Active Collab so that everyone is aware of all the changes in the project.
  • Team collaboration is … keeping all the feedback safe in one place and always visible to all the members involved in the project.
  • Team collaboration is … conducting Daily Scrum meetings, Sprint Reviews and Project Retrospectives to share achievements and blocking points so that we can track the progress in real time and help each other.
  • Team collaboration is … checking the code of your colleagues to help them improve their skills.

People orientation and family spirit

We celebrate and reward the unique skills, backgrounds, opinions, and talents of our people. We believe people work better when their relations are based on trust. At Finity Leap we are working not just for business but to make sure that everyone feels like a part of the family. We consider every team member and every client as our partners in creating value.

We know how to strike a balance between serious attitude toward the work and friendly atmosphere.


  • People orientation is … receiving whatever you need – hugs when you are sad, cookie when you are hungry, tennis match when you want to relax, advice when you get stuck on the task.
  • Family spirit is … celebrating Birthdays, going to the cinema together, playing football, participating in team-buildings and any company conducted surveys etc.
  • Client orientation is … letting our clients provide regular feedback and taking part in discussions and decision-making process.
  • Client orientation is … offering a more complicated but more useful feature to be developed instead of a simple one.
  • Client orientation is … working on the client’s project as on your own one, work on it as you would work for yourself.
  • Client orientation is … greeting our clients on holidays and informing them about our days off in advance.

Quality and result

Quality is the engine that always pulls us towards moving forward and growing up in order to create something new, unique. We do everything as good as we do it for ourselves. That’s how we achieve personal and client’s satisfaction to make sure that people stay loyal to us.


  • Quality is … making the project so good that you can even show it to your mom.
  • Quality is … writing such a good code that QA finds nothing while testing the page.
  • Quality is … reviewing the result of the work before assigning the task for QA or the final approval because we care and respect our colleague’s time.
  • Quality is … being rated among the Top 10 WordPress companies by Clutch.
  • Quality is … accepting 50 lines of top-notch software instead of 1.000 lines of spaghetti code.
  • Result orientation is … setting KPIs for the projects to make it good and not just finish it.
  • Result orientation is … working on the project like on the end-product.

Openness and transparency

Open and honest communication is the key to good cooperation. We are always sincere and ready to explain our actions and decisions so that no pitfalls or uncertainty can happen. It’s also about providing constructive feedback and holding us accountable for the work and demanding our best effort. It’s the building blocks of company values. The most important thing for everyone is to know exactly where to go for the information and to be regularly updated.


  • Openness is … listening and saying things straight forward.
  • Openness is … handling 1:1 meeting to share your thoughts and feelings about your development, both personal and professional.
  • Transparency is … giving the client access to full working process and to git (code) from the first day.
  • Transparency is … participating in internal questionnaires to express your concerns, your solutions and ideas without any fear to be judged.
  • Transparency is … tracking time, leaving comments/feedback, assigning tasks, describing the progress or blocking points to be solved.
  • Transparency is … setting a start and a due date for each task, so anyone can see what each colleague is working on at any given moment (tasks IN PROGRESS).

Development and creativity

We are open to new ideas and always ready to grow. Every day is a chance to become better. We are keeping up with the trends to get stronger. We study the successful examples and try to be different. We are bold in what we do to meet the wildest expectations.


  • Development is … being open to changes and innovations.
  • Development is … searching for new features and technologies, sharing and documenting them with our colleagues to make the work easier.
  • Development is … bringing new ideas and sharing them with our team.
  • Development is … always being in the trend with the technologies.
  • Development is … attending trainings and meetups to be up-to-date with the latest trends.
  • Creativity is … getting a solution to a specific problem with writing less code.
  • Creativity is … developing a complicated design that would make the client happier.
  • Creativity is … making simple things more distinguished.

Engagement and responsibility

Every team member understands their influence on the development of the company. All the relations are built with dedication and full commitment. Being proactive helps us to meet all the stakeholders’ expectations and eliminate all the possible issues.

We do what we say.


  • Engagement is … bringing improvement suggestions or recommendations.
  • Engagement is … learning new technologies on your own without waiting for someone else to teach you.
  • Engagement is … mentoring newcomers to help them become involved in the working process faster.
  • Engagement is … promoting our values inside and outside the company.
  • Engagement is … forecasting possible blocking points or issues.
  • Engagement is … being able to quickly add tasks with specific due dates, assignees, status labels, and attached files to be more organized and proactive.
  • Responsibility is … sticking to the estimates we set.
  • Responsibility is … meeting the deadline, otherwise contributing more time not to let the client down.
  • Responsibility is … being available and online during work hours.
  • Responsibility is … informing when you have no tasks to do, initiating the talk when you have an issue to be solved.

all-in-one place

we’ve developed into your all-in-one marketing agency because one brilliant solution is worth a hundred good ones. We plan your success from scratch and guide you towards full-fledged ads across channels. Small businesses have enough things to worry about – digital marketing doesn’t need to be one of them.

John Doe
John Doe
Sarah Doe
John Doe
John Doe

What makes us differnt?

We believe that it is our talented, motivated and results-oriented team makes the difference. We work entirely from our office and do not outsource. Quality is what matters the most. Whilst some agencies are all about great design and others offer quality development, we strive to offer both.

Why choose us?

We work with care – by taking the time to understand your goals and your business objectives. We are your partners, not just your ‘developers’ so you can rest assured that we will work with you to design, deliver and support high-performing web solutions that grant you a significant business advantage.

Portfolio Ready !!

Work  Process

Tell us the goal of your project. Give us all the information we should know – e.g., the colors of your brand; the functionalities you want to have and the purpose behind every part of your project. Getting started is easy – fill in the blanks here, and we’ll get back to you soon.

After receiving your brief, we contact you directly to discuss the project in more details. We work on gaining an understanding of your organization, products, and services in relation to the target audience and goals. We’ll then use this information to define your specific design and functional needs. You get an estimate, and we start the work based on the milestones we have agreed together. You can always monitor the project’s progress via our Project Management App.

Generate excitement about your brand with eye-catching designs and insightful data points. We pinpoint what readers want, making sure we hit the right topic to create a more significant impact on site traffic. We work closely with you to develop prototypes that fully illustrate the proposed work. Mockups are continually refined to meet all the goals we set out to achieve.

By combining a solid back-end foundation with a completely custom front-end, we can handle all of the coding and configuration required to get websites / mobile apps up and running. Updating your website / mobile app should be a joy, not a burden. Being experts in website / mobile app development allows us to create custom-tailored back-end solutions.

Our QA team carefully tests every page to ensure that all features render correctly on every platform, resulting in the most seamless user experience. This guarantees the most positive experience for all visitors. After our QA team verifies your project, you will be asked to review the work and let us know about any additional changes that you may require.

After all, revisions are completed we’ll deliver all the files and install them on your server. Our primary goal is to make our clients satisfied. We will do everything to meet your expectations of the final work and deliver the promise of quality. We offer as well post monthly maintenance support. Your trust is the grounding for our long-term partnership.