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UK Telesales agents

UK Telesales agents

Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: El Nozha - Cairo - Egypt

Advert Leap is Excited to announce that we are Expanding and hiring passionate Telesales agents with hard work and RELIABLE characters for a UK account.

  • Accept grads and undergrads.
  • Monday to Saturday (11:30 AM to 5:30 PM) as a day shift and (5.45 PM: 10 PM) as an evening shift
  • Junior salary in the first 3 months 2000 EGP inc KPIs after a probation month – then automatic raise to 2300 EGP inc KPIs.
  • Senior salary in the first 1 month 2500 EGP inc KPIs after a probation month – then automatic raise to 3000 EGP inc KPIs.
  • Daily and Weekly bonus schemes “Get paid every day”
  • Monthly bonus scheme with Unlimited money with an extra average of 3000 EGP a month plus your salary and KPIs and on-spot schemes.
  • Salary levels and bonus levels based on performance and experience.
  • Free sales training including all soft skills.
  • Great opportunity for promotions as we are expanding all the time.
  • A family work environment.
  • Perfect place to practice and enhance your English skills.
  • The company located in El Nozha, Heliopolis, Egypt.
    If you think you are a successful person, or you need to achieve some success, and you want a part-time job for at least the next 4 months,
    Advert Leap Ltd is a UK-based marketing and sales company working with the biggest UK telecom companies in the UK for over 3 years so far and helping businesses with technical and digital support.
    Please remember all of the above-mentioned details if you filled the form as we do not repeat the mentioned info on the phone interview.
    Don’t hesitate to fill this Google sheet, and expect a call as soon as we open our doors for the interviews.

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